AT&T® Makes a Few Changes to Their Unlimited Data Plans

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One of the best internet providers in the United States, AT&T® recently increased the cost of one of their unlimited smartphone data plan by 5 dollars per month. In addition to that, the officials from the telecom giant confirmed the fact that they have reduced the pricing of another unlimited smartphone data by 10 dollars.

This means that customers who choose AT&T’s entry-level unlimited plan and the ones who are currently under the plan will have to pay an additional amount of 5 dollars a month, which is 65 dollars per month, to continue using the plan. Likewise, AT&T® subscribers who are using the plan that costs $90 a month will only have to pay $ 80 a month to enjoy AT&T’s services.

However, reports from several reliable sources indicate that the hike and reduction in the prices of these packages will be applicable only to single-line users. In addition to that, AT&T® customers should note the fact that the telecom giant has increased the price of their family plans by 5 dollars per each month.

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As a result, the four-line plan from the company that was available to customers for $155 and $185 per month is currently priced at $160 and $190 respectively. Reports indicate that the sudden increase in the pricing of AT&T’s family plans might urge some customers to look for other viable options. However, it seems that the officials from AT&T® are hopeful that customers will not look for other options, as they are immensely satisfied by the reliable service offered by the fastest internet provider.

AT&T® customers will also need to consider the fact that each of the postpaid plans of the telecom giant is getting more than a few enhancements. Choosing an unlimited plan will allow you to ensure that you will not be hit with an overage fee. However, the internet speed offered by the provider might be considerably reduced once you exceed the monthly data plan.

Customers who are on a tight budget but wish to subscribe to an unlimited plan of AT&T® should check out the Unlimited Choice Enhanced package of the provider. This the cheaper unlimited plan offered by the telecom company but it still offers adequate internet speed to customers, which enables them to stream HD video contents without any delays or interruptions.

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