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The XFINITY® X1 platform has been available to Comcast’s residential video customers for a while. Now, the company’s business subscribers can also get it.

X1 for Business comprises easy search and navigation; picture-in-picture and voice control; and a sports content companion known as the XFINITY® X1 Sports App. The application includes team and player profiles, statistics as well as real-time and game-specific information. The Comcast® offering also has a voice-enabled TV user interface, which reads aloud selections such as program titles, TV network, and time slots, so businesses can cater to customers with visual disability in a better way.

The cable provider is timing its X1 launch around the same time as the NCAA Basketball Tournament and this makes sense given that several of its business video subs are restaurants and bars.

Comcast® is also one of the best cable providers in the US having a residential video customer base of about 22 million. While almost all of them are residential video subscribers, the cable giant has over one million business video subs. XFINITY® X1 is now available to those businesses as well.

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As per Comcast® Business’s VP of Product and Premise Services, Christian Nascimento, now that XFINITY® X1 has arrived at a point where it is really well developed, the time was ripe to rollout X1 for Business. Nascimento also said to the extent that as more residential subscribers continue to get used to having it at home, the subs are asking for it in their business environments.

Referring to customers, Nascimento said, “It’s natural for them to want to see the same guide they see at home.” He added that it is basically the same one as the XFINITY® X1 offered to residential customers. However, he said the launch of X1 for Business has changed the conversation the company has with its new subscribers. While before it essentially came down to business subscribers seeking live TV, and the fastest internet provider selling it to the subs, there are considerations with regards to accessibility features and applications for them such as stock price tickers as well as sports scores.

Nascimento said that the launch of X1 is about providing business subscribers with a product that is more easy to use and that can enhance experiences, such as sitting in a hospital waiting room, where fast access to children’s programming can have a significant effect on it.

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