A New Store of Cable Offerings Opens its Doors in Middlesex County

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Comcast® has announced the opening of its XFINITY® retail outlet in Middlesex County. The store to open in the New Jersey state follows Comcast’s interactive model, and it is designed fully around the requirements of customers of the cable TV cum fastest internet provider.

This 4,400 square-foot outlet gives people an immersive destination to interact with the latest products and services from Comcast XFINITY®. The opening of the new stores is also part of the provider’s multi-year plan to transform customer experience; they give new and existing subscribers a place to discover how to optimize XFINITY® services and deal with any service requirements.

The newest store situated in Brunswick Square Shopping Centre has knowledgeable and trained sales consultants, interactive iPads, flat-screen TV sets, and a seating area specifically for demonstrations of applications and products.

The stores are designed by product area – X1, XFINITY® Internet, XFINITY® Mobile service, XFINITY Home – so, customers can see Comcast’s products in action.

Comcast’s XFINITY® Mobile is an important part of the stores – people can buy new phones, or bring their Apple devices, and select a flexible internet package based on their needs. Discover xFi, which is the personalized Wi-Fi experience, and discover how to control network devices via the application, website or voice remote in these stores’ XFINITY® Internet section. X1 is featured inside a living room setting, so customers can see how it works firsthand. The store’s “Connected Home Zone” showcases the way XFINTY® Home blends the best of automation and home security into one unique experience – people can learn how to control many IoT devices from their XFINITY® Home touch-screen, tablet or phone.

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Besides the top-of-the-line accessories and latest mobile devices, retail offerings at the store include XFINITY® Home products and other merchandise which complements XFINITY® services.

“We are thrilled to continue to open XFINITY® Retail Stores in the region and we look forward to opening more locations soon so that we can provide our customers with a more welcoming, efficient and interactive experience,” stated Comcast’s Senior Vice President, Freedom Region, Jim Samaha. “As our offerings evolve and expand, we want to bring our customers an incredible shopping experience, which showcases the power and innovation of our XFINITY® products and demonstrates how they work together.”

It was in 2012 that the first XFINITY® store of the region opened. More stores are slated to open over the next few months in the region.

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