4 Reasons Why Millennials Still Subscribe to Standard Cable

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Can cable TV service offer millennials the kind of programming they require at an affordable cost? Many cable providers feel so and they are positioning themselves aggressively in the market to lure young audiences. Audiences who have grown up watching TV since the 1980’s period still have an affinity for standard cable, despite newer innovations. Here are four reasons as to why cable is still the best option for millennials.

Shrinking Catalog of Streaming Services

Streaming services have been investing big in making original content or series. Original programming includes production cost. As a result, the catalog or list of movies that streaming services offer to customers get smaller. Many audiences in their early adulthood select a streaming service based on the number of film titles available with the service provider. Millennials prioritize films, so a cable service offers more value to them as opposed to choosing a cable TV alternative that lets them stream less number of movies.

Preference for Premium Channels

The TV programming viewing traits of millennials also suggest that they prefer premium channels. Many streaming service providers offer them premium content with the option to add channels to their existing package. However, in case you want to access a popular show bundled with another one, it is actually less expensive to select a premium cable package from a cable operator than subscribe to la carte channels.

Basic Cable is Affordable

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Cable operators have realized that young subscribers are seeking premium channels at an affordable cost and that not all of them watch all channels. Thus, they have started to provide customers with best cable deals. For instance, a skinny bundle with less number of channels but covering main networks and different areas of interest is one catered to the interest of the audience.

To Experience Shows First Time with Millions of Cable Viewers

Some shows arrive on streaming platforms after they hit cable TV, so customers are exposed to opinions and spoilers about the show on social media platforms. If you would rather not learn something about the latest episode of your favorite show from your social circle, then live cable TV is the best way to keep yourselves away from unwanted distractions.

Of course, binge watching is a benefit of streaming, but if shows arrive on your preferred streaming platform a bit late, then it could become more of a distraction to your TV viewing experience.

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