Why choose Dish Network?

directv-vs-dishDish Network and DirecTV have been two main competitors in satellite television business for many years now. Both of them are fierce competitors, offering TV content with superior quality and experience. The truth is that both of these companies profit from their competition and build on the success of the other, just like Pepsi and Coca-Cola.

With the long list of setups and packages that both of the companies offer, the lines between them blur. This makes it very difficult to point out substantial differences between them. Then, the choice of network will be based on the availability of packages, hardware preferences of the user, and the type of content.

DirecTV Packages

The packages offered by DirecTV need a two-year contract and a credit approval, and the early termination fee can brutal for the user. The fee can go up to 480 dollars for cancellation together with other charges. There are also minimum programming requirements that should be met by the users and other services are offered at very high rates, making it extremely important to examine the contract of DirecTV before signing it.

Dish Network Packages

Dish Network also has a 2-year contract and demands credit qualification, but users can also opt for eAutoPay that prioritizes the bills from Dish. In addition, the contract from Dish Network includes a Dish Protection Plan that is offered free for the first six months. This helps to make shipping of replacement equipment free and decreases the cost of in home services visits.

A Brief Insight

The cinematic packages that are offered by DirecTV are exceptional, and include Showtime, HBO, Playboy, and Cinemax, together with packages and channels in international languages like Korean, Vietnamese, and Spanish.

The biggest strength of DirecTV is the sports shows like NFL Sunday Ticket, NBA League Pass, NHL Center Ice, and MLB Extra Innings. These are the best choices available for sports fans and the shows are available in the app that support desktops, previous two generations of Xbox, and PlayStation, together with devices like Google Chromecast, Roku, Apple, Amazon, Android TV, and even Apple watch.

DirecTV Packages

Compare Satellite TV

DirecTV streaming also works on variety of smartphones and tablets, offering great degrees of interoperability and compatibility to the user. This will allow users to watch a single match across varied devices at the same time.

The packages that are offered by Dish Network are much more flexible. The core set of about fifty channels are offered for a flat rate and users can add more channels as per wish. It is much likely that a user will find some program that will make their day entertaining on Dish Network.

Dish Network is also known for providing exceptional choices when it comes to international channels, and has a package for people from almost all the continents. Besides that, Dish offers a groundbreaking DVR, HopperGO, which allows a user to carry their programs on the go.

Have you ever wanted to take your DVR along with you? Usually, it might be hard to fit a DVR into your travel bag, but with the launch of HopperGO, this task can be accomplished with ease. HopperGO is available to the Dish customers at a price of $99 and no extra monthly charges.

HopperGO is a portable pocket sized video drive that allows you to watch your favorite TV shows and movies whenever you want. You can easily transfer the TV shows and movies you need to watch to HopperGO, just by plugging the device into your Hopper 3 or Hopper 2 DVR. Almost 100 hours of content can be transferred to the HopperGO device.

Once you complete the transferring process, unplug the device from your set top box, and carry your programs wherever you go. By establishing a connection between HopperGO’s private wireless network and your mobile device, you can easily access and watch the TV shows and movies, which you have transferred to the device using the Dish anywhere app.

You can stream a minimum of five channels simultaneously on HopperGO, and up to five persons can connect to the device at the same time. Hence, this feature will keep your whole family entertained during your journey. Here are some instructions that will help you to use HopperGO with ease.

Top 5 New Movies Streaming On Dish Cinema

Dish Network offers new release movies to you without hassles, waiting in lines, and late fees. Check out some of the current hit movies available on Dish Cinema. The Conjuring 2 This 2016 horror movie is a sequel to the movie “The Conjuring” released in 2013. In the movie, paranormal investigators Lorrain and Ed Warren travel to England to help Hodgson family to fight against an entity possessing a child and the demonic activity in their house. Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson play the lead characters of the movie. Captain America: Civil War This is a 2016 superhero film featuring the comic character, Captain America. When the fights of the Avengers against villains lead to collateral damage, political pressure increases
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