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As part of their Deluge of WWDC, Apple has now announced that the Sling TV service of Dish Network will be available on Apple TV. This is obviously good news for the Apple TV owners, who are not much familiar with the Sling TV services. This app has been available for other streamers and is one of the few services that allow users to watch cable channels without paying for a cable subscription.

Users might know that when Apple promotes the network-based apps, they are actually not promoting “cutting the cord.” These apps require a cable authentication by the user and someone needs to pay for the cable TV services to make use of these apps.

Sling TV service is known for their skinny bundles among users. Dish Network packages and other traditional cable networks give users many stations, out of which, many are not watched at all. In addition, subscribers need to pay high cost for the channels. Here comes the significance of Sling TV. Users get a smaller selection of channels and the main attraction is that the plan starts at 20 dollars per month.

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Some of the channels like ESPN are much desired by subscribers who wish to cut the cord. With the introduction of Sling network in Apple TV, users who have never signed up for cable TV can get a good part of the content that they would otherwise miss out. Many of the Sling TV users have also complained that the quality of streaming offered by the service is not good.

The channel selection of Sling has improved much in the recent times and Sling TV is currently the one service that is available in the Apple TV that can be considered as an alternative to cable networks. Let us hope that more and more service providers will come up with services like this.

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