Unmasking Some Myths Around Satellite TV

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Satellite TV has made television entertainment available everywhere. It brought about a revolution in the electronic media, but some people believe satellite TV to be an inferior option to cable or picture it as a bad choice. Nevertheless, the truth is that satellite TV can actually be a very good choice, if some of the myths around it are debunked. Here are some myths around satellite TV.

Satellite TV Is Too Expensive

People who recommend cable TV cannot be more wrong, because they believe the pricing of satellite TV to be very high. However, cable doesn’t offer the kind of variety in channels that a satellite connection offers. Cable TV viewers are left with no transmission, if for any reason the local transmission in the area gets interrupted, whereas the chances of it happening with a satellite TV are quite rare, because they have multiple feeds.

Apartments Can’t Get Satellite Connection

This is another common misconception. While there are chances of a few people living in the apartment not getting the satellite connection, it does not mean that everyone will face the same problem. All you would need here is a clear view of the southern sky, which remains unobstructed. And if your neighbors can have satellite TV so can you.

Satellite TV Often Gets Damaged Outside

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Satellite dish is designed to be kept outside, so there is no question of it getting damaged if it is kept in the open. These devices can handle anything from the heat of the sun to icy winters. Of course, it will get damaged if hit with a blunt object, but the chances of it happening are quite rare.

It Is Not User-Friendly

There is another belief that using satellite TV hikes the electricity bill. However, most people will find that the amount of change in power is minimal after installing a dish. In fact, you are going to see your costs go down with a satellite TV subscription.

Only Major Channels Are Aired

Some people assume that satellite TV only broadcasts internationally recognized channels, and they will not get any of the local channels with a dish installed. Yet on the contrary, satellite TV services like Dish and DirecTV offer numerous regional, national, as well as international channels in their packs, so that users don’t have to miss out on any of their favorite programming.

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