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Hindi Mega Package

Dish Network has always attracted viewers with their captivating and entertaining international offerings. Dish Network’s International packages give an opportunity for their subscribers to enjoy quality International programs from all over the world.

Dish Network’s Hindi Mega package is one of the best and most famous South Asian packages. This amazing package brings plenty of Indian channels, which offer latest blockbuster movies, popular reality shows, exclusive new updates, family dramas, popular sitcoms, lifestyle shows, classic movies, and a lot more.

Dish Network offers more than ten popular Hindi channels under their Hindi Mega package. Let us look into the details of some of the Indian channels included in this package.

Movies OK (MOVOK)

Movies OK channel is one of the latest Hindi entertainment channels, which offers an abundant collection of Hindi movies on different genres. Movies OK has instantly grabbed the attention of TV viewers with their exceptional and unique style of offerings.

News 18 India (NEW18)

News 18 is one of the best and leading news channels in India. This channel offers exclusive and live news coverage of events from all over the world. News on current affairs, politics, sports, lifestyle, and a lot more are available on News 18 channel.

Food Food (FOOD2)

This amazing channel is exclusively dedicated for food lovers. Indian Master Chef, Sanjeev Kapoor, and his fellow teammates share details, tips, and methods of preparation for delicious recipes on this channel. FOOD2 gives you a better insight into Indian cuisine and some of the common yet delicious Indian recipes.

Halla Bol (HALLA)

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Halla Bol is an exceptional channel that features entertaining and educating programs dedicated for kids. This channel offers some of the best and exclusive kids programs, which includes animated films, educational programs, quiz competitions, and a lot more.

Willow Cricket (WILLOW)

If you are cricket fan, then Willow Cricket is the perfect channel for you. This sports channel brings exclusive coverage of live cricket matches from all over the world. In addition to that, you can also catch sports talk shows, pre and post match analysis of matches, expert opinions, interview with famous cricketers, and a lot more on WILLOW.

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