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Dish Network is one of the leading satellite providers in the country, which offers different packages in varied price ranges and with different channel options, so that the subscribers can choose their favorite channels. Apart from the major packages, Dish Network also offers French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, and many other International packages to its subscribers.

Dish subscribers can now easily access Polish channels and watch popular Polish shows through the Polish packages offered by the Dish Network. Polish Super, Polish Premium, and Polish TVN Complete, are the three Polish packages offered by Dish. Let us take a look on the Polish Super package and learn about the different channels included in this pack.

The Polish Super Package

Polish Super is the most popular Polish package offered by Dish Network. This package consists of ten of the best Polish channels. Below are some of the most appreciated channels on this package.

Polo TV (POLO)

POLO is the most popular music channel in Poland at present. This channel features entertaining music programs and it is a treat for music lovers. Polish Dance programs and Disco Polo programs are also broadcasted on this channel.

EuroNews (EURNS)

EuroNews is the most watched International news channel in Europe. Currently, this channel is available in Portuguese and English. EuroNews brings live news coverage from all over the world, and keeps you updated on trending topics on the trot. News related to sports, business, lifestyle, and many other related topics are also available on this channel.

Polsat News (PLSTN)

Polsat News has gained wide acceptance since its launch. This channel is currently one of the leading news channels in Poland. Some of the most famous journalists and broadcasters such as Dorota Gawryluk, Jarosław Gugała, and Przemysław Talkowski, host some of the news programs on this channel.

Polsat 1 (PLST1)

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Polsat 1 brings entertaining programs such as popular TV shows, sports events, red carpet events, interesting documentaries, celebrity gossips, news coverage, and many more, to your home. Furthermore, current events and news among the Polish community living in America is also broadcasted on this channel.


This channel comprises of programs and news related to politics and finance. Programs that offer information and relevant facts about different cultures can also be found on ITVN. In addition to these, programs related to lifestyle, travel, business, public, and foreign affairs, are also available on this channel. Some of the most popular cartoons and animated movies are also broadcasted in Polish language on ITVN.

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