Dish Network Launches Portable DVR HopperGO

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Have you ever wanted to take your DVR along with you? Usually, it might be hard to fit a DVR into your travel bag, but with the launch of HopperGO, this task can be accomplished with ease. HopperGO is available to the Dish customers at a price of $99 and no extra monthly charges.

HopperGO is a portable pocket sized video drive that allows you to watch your favorite TV shows and movies whenever you want. You can easily transfer the TV shows and movies you need to watch to HopperGO, just by plugging the device into your Hopper 3 or Hopper 2 DVR. Almost 100 hours of content can be transferred to the HopperGO device.

Once you complete the transferring process, unplug the device from your set top box, and carry your programs wherever you go. By establishing a connection between HopperGO’s private wireless network and your mobile device, you can easily access and watch the TV shows and movies, which you have transferred to the device using the Dish anywhere app.

You can stream a minimum of five channels simultaneously on HopperGO, and up to five persons can connect to the device at the same time. Hence, this feature will keep your whole family entertained during your journey. Here are some instructions that will help you to use HopperGO with ease.

Connecting The Device

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The procedure is relatively simple for HopperGO. You can easily connect HopperGO into your hopper by using a micro USB cable. An onscreen notification “HopperGO Connecting” will appear on your screen when you connect the device to the set top box. A pop up “HopperGO Ready” will finally appear on your screen, which indicates that you can access the device.

Transferring Data

Open the Dish Anywhere app on your smartphone or tablet, go to the DVR tab, and choose a file or recording, which you wish to transfer to HopperGO. Tap the transfer option and select “Transfer to HopperGO” to complete the transfer process.

Unplug HopperGO and then connect your smartphone to the HopperGO wireless network. Log in to the Dish Anywhere app, and then select HopperGO option available under the transfers. The transferred files will be available here, choose the file you want to watch, and enjoy the experience.

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