A Look Back At The Dish Hopper 3

DirecTV Vs Dish
Dish Hopper 3

Dish brought out its revolutionary Hopper DVR some time ago, and since then it has redefined the way we watch digital TV in a home. It’s been one of the major points in the DirecTV vs Dish TV comparison that loyalists of both sides have been making, and matches the rival DVR – DirecTV Genie, pretty neatly. The Hopper 3 is the latest version available on the market right now.

Dish had promised subscribers that the new set-top box would makes waves in the Satellite-TV industry, and that has surely been the case. One thing this product lets you do is hop ads automatically using the auto-hop feature. That means you can get all your shows recorded for later, and watch it without any of that programming being interrupted by commercials. This was so useful that some broadcasting companies came out with a lawsuit to ban it completely. Luckily for viewers, that didn’t happen.

16 Tuners

Hopper 3 has many awesome features, one of them being 16 built-in tuners which preclude any conflicts during recording. The upgraded set-top box can handle the maximum number of simultaneous recordings for a family home. Right now, Dish is the only satellite caster giving this option, and you can even watch the program you’re recording currently.

4K video

Hopper 3 lets you decode and watch the 4K video format, and it has default compatibility with many 4k programming titles from companies such as Sony Pictures. Dish also supports 4K content streaming from Netflix, which is one of the smartest ways for the company to leverage a streaming service.

Dish Network Channel Guide
Dish TV Programming

Universal Search

Dish lets you search for titles and apps using the universal search results. With the introduction of this feature, users were able to view an equivalent of the Dish Network channel guide, showing details of programs as well as the latest episodes and on demand programming, DVR recordings, and Netflix.

Dish does not charge any upfront fees from customers who happen to buy the latest version of Hopper 3 DVR, and that really is a big deal. Although, if you opt for the whole-home DVR option, there will be an additional fee of $15 per month. But the fee isn’t something that other providers waive, and considering the features you get with Hopper 3 alone, it’s easy to decide in favor of upgrading to it from an older set-top box.

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