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The online streaming service of Dish Network, Sling TV, is one of the leading streaming services in the country. The exceptional service offered by this service has allowed it to acquire more subscribers over the last few months, and some reports say that it has even crossed the 1 million subscriber mark.

Sling TV offers two basic packages to their subscribers, which are commonly known as Sling Orange and Sling Blue. Sling Orange is the most popular package among the two and it offers subscribers access to 28 popular channels including ESPN, Lifetime, AMC, and BBC America, at just $20 per month.

On the other hand, the second package, Sling Blue gives subscribers access to almost 43 popular channels at $25 a month. This is a multi-stream service and it allows you to watch three channels simultaneously on a single screen. However, some of the channels included in Sling Orange package are not available in Sling Blue. Here are a few channels, which are available on Sling Orange platform.


A&E offers a wide variety of entertainment programs including drama TV series, reality TV series, and a lot more to subscribers. Some of the popular shows aired on this channel are Criminal Minds, Storage Wars, and Duck Dynasty. A&E is a perfect destination for the viewers, who love reality TV shows.


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AMC is an absolute treat for movie lovers, as it offers an excellent collection of some of the best and popular Hollywood films in different genres. AMC was also home to the fan favorite TV show, Breaking Bad, which was highly praised by the critics. In addition to that, another popular TV series, Fear the Walking Dead, is being aired on this channel.


ESPN is the most popular and arguably the best sports channel in the country. This exceptional channel offers exclusive coverage of sports events from all over the world. If you are sports fan, then ESPN is a must have channel in your TV channels lineup. Apart from broadcasting the live coverage of the games, ESPN also offers expert and detailed analysis of sporting events.

Comedy Central

If you are a viewer who prefers to watch light comedy series rather than watching drama, action, fantasy, or superhero TV shows, then switch on to this channel. Some of the popular programs aired on this channel are The Daily Show and South Park.

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