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DirecTV Packages
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These days many subscribers are planning to cut the cord and get their favorite television shows through the internet and satellite based options. However, there are many things, which you need to consider before getting the scissors. For one, there are many cable TV alternatives, you can choose from these days, but Dish Network and DirecTV are the favorite satellite providers for most. Both DirecTV packages and Dish Network packages are revised to attract more customers to their network.

The Device Upgrade

While switching to streaming TV or satellite TV, you will need to handle many devices and remote controllers. You can tune in the local stations by connecting an indoor TV antenna and making use of the TV’s remote to control these channels. The rest of your preferred channels can be availed from a streaming media box like Roku, Apple TV, or Amazon Fire. This means that you will need another remote for the streaming device to watch your favorite shows and on demand programs.

In addition, if you are making use of low-speed internet packs, you will need to switch to high-speed plans to avail streaming TV services, especially if two or more users wish to stream video contents at the same time. You can calculate bandwidth requirements based on the number of simultaneous users in the network. A reasonable bandwidth would be 10 Mbps for the initial stream and 5 Mbps each for every additional stream.

Sports Channels

Dish Vs DirecTV
Satellite TV

There was a time when users could not opt for streaming services, as many of the sports channels were not available with them. However, both Sling TV of Dish Network and PlayStation VUE of Sony offer many of the popular sports channels like ESPN, CNN, and HGTV in their lineup. Moreover, Sling TV offers two packages for $20 a month, without the need to sign a contract. The original offering will have 20 channels and there is a new beta package offering 30 channels as well.

PlayStation VUE, on the other hand, offers three distinctive packages for the viewers. The packages are $30 for 55 channels, $35 for 70 channels, and $45 for 100 channels. The media device, nevertheless, allows users to have up to five simultaneous streams.

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