Sling TV Vs DirecTV Now Comparison

DirecTV Vs Dish
Sling Vs DirecTV Now

Streaming TV is the next big thing, and AT&T has released DirecTV Now, which is a brand new service that will allow users to cut cord and say goodbye to traditional cable networks. There are no satellite dishes, cable or set top boxes, or subscriptions needed for the service. Everything streams over the internet. This may sound familiar, as Sling TV and PlayStation Vue offer similar options.

DirecTV Now was released on November 30, and for limited time, the users can have a promotional deal that offers the “Go Big” plan for just thirty-five dollars a month. The “Go Big” plan offers more than a hundred channels, and with the promotion, early adopters can have twenty-five dollars off on the plans actual price.

However, pricing is not the only important aspect when it comes to streaming TV. The selling points for Sling TV and DirecTV Now are very simple. For DirecTV, there are no contracts, and users can just pay if they need the service. For Sling TV, users get those channels that they actually want, rather than paying for 100+ channels that they do not watch.

The huge bundles are unnecessary in streaming services, as users look forward to pay for only those channels that they need. Consequently, the prices are much lower when compared to traditional options.

The basic package of Sling TV is offered for twenty dollars a month, and that of DirecTV Now is offered for thirty-five dollars a month. Also, these services work across wide variety of devices, including smartphones. This means that for a much low monthly price, you can have 30 to 120 channels that you want, and that too, on the device you prefer.

One of the main goals of Sling TV and DirecTV Now is to offer simple solutions to the television needs of the customers. There are many tiers, add-on channels like Showtime, HBO, and many sports packages on offer as well. This means that users will need to pay close attention and ensure that they are getting what they need.

DirecTV Now Packages

  • Cable Providers
    Compare Sling And DirecTV Now

    Live a Little: More than sixty channels for thirty-five dollars per month.

  • Just Right: More than eighty channels for fifty dollars per month.
  • Go Big: More than hundred channels for sixty dollars per month.
  • Gotta Have It: More than hundred and twenty channels for seventy dollars per month.
  • Add-ons like Cinemax or HBO are offered for 5 dollars per month, and users can stream the service on two devices at a time.

Sling TV Packages

  • Sling Orange: More than thirty channels for twenty dollars per month (streaming on one device).
  • Sling Blue: more than forty channels for twenty-five dollars per month (streaming on up to three devices).
  • Orange and Blue: All channels for forty dollars a month.
  • Add-ons include Cinemax for 10 dollars and HBO for 15 dollars a month.
  • Add on packages include Kids, Sports, Lifestyle, Comedy, Spanish TV, Hollywood (Epix), Music, News, World, Chinese and more.

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