Programming A DirecTV Remote To Control Devices

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DirecTV is great on the programming front with its AT&T deals, but is also popular for the ways it lets viewers control their viewing experience using a single remote. You can set one of these up to be able to control a TV as well as connected audio devices including a sound bar or surround system, and Blu-Ray and DVD players. Depending on the setup you have, you will be using either a Universal Remote or a Genie Remote, enhancing the enjoyment of most DirecTV packages.

Here is an overview of how to set these up to control a DVR.

How To Program The DirecTV Universal Remote For An HD DVR Or HD Receiver

  • Push the Menu button on the remote, and then use the navigation buttons to scroll down and select Settings & Help.
  • Next, choose Settings, then move down and select Remote Control.
  • Choose Program Remote, and then select the device that you need to program.
  • Run through the steps shown on the screen and finish programming the remote.

How To Program The DirecTV Universal Remote For A Standard DVR Or An SD Receiver

  • Choose Menu and then use the navigation buttons to move down and select Parental Favs & Setup. Select System Setup.
  • Choose Program Remote and then select the device you are trying to program.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to finish programming the remote control.
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The Genie Remote is different from the Universal Remote, in that you need to first make sure that the remote is in RF mode. For this, press the MUTE button and hold down on it, and do the same with the ENTER button. Point the remote at the DVR and if you see an Applying IR/RF setup, it is working. After that, follow the below instructions.

How To Program The Genie Remote To Control A DirecTV Ready TV

  • Turn on your TV, then press and hold the MUTE and ENTER buttons until you see the green light at the top of the remote flash twice.
  • Enter the DirecTV Ready TV code that you received.

For any additional codes which you may require, check out the Remote Control Lookup tool and set your device to viewing preference. If you don’t know the model number to search under, look at the upper left corner of your remote for that. It is sure to be given there, and if not, check the box it came in.

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