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It has been one of the hardest things for football fans to figure out how to live-stream NFL games affordably. You needed to plop down $350 a season to get a DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket Max package that got you out-of-market games as part of live programming. For this, you needed to have an existing DirecTV satellite setup so the streaming privileges opened up. The only other people getting to watch it were college students who had just the right situation going for them.

However, everything is changing this season. On top of Thursday Night Football games live streaming on Twitter, you now have the Sunday Ticket package carrying lower-priced plans for watching games. It is not streaming only yet, but you can log in with the subscription username and password to be able to stream games. Bottom line: it is going to be a lot cheaper watching Titans vs Texans if you don’t mind doing it on a tablet.

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DirecTV and NFL jointly announced that for the 2016-2017 season, the basic NFL Sunday Ticket package will have live streaming for all out-of-market games. This is a package whose pricing changes every year, although for the base package it is usually a $100 savings compared to Sunday Ticket Max. Just last season, the basic package was priced at $250 for the season, while the Max package cost $350.

The move isn’t really much of a surprise considering the rising demand for streaming services. The AT&T/DirecTV press release revealed that NFL game live streaming went up 35 percent last season, even though the packages with the streams were nowhere close to the base package in price.

We are not saying $250 is not expensive, but it is pretty decent given the rest of the options. Over a whole season, it is going to be less than what you spend at the sports bar. Even the Max package costs more, but there are a few reasons why you would get it for the home. There is the ADD-friendly RedZone channel (quad-box!), the game-condensing Short Cuts videos, and a fantasy-football channel. All of that and you could turn the living room into a sports bar, and rarely leave the place.

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