DirecTV Or Dish – Which Suits Your Need The Most?

DirecTV Vs Dish
Dish Network Channels

DirecTV and Dish are the leading providers of satellite TV in the North American continent. Both offer the best in class features and have a huge customer base. However, choosing one among the best is always difficult. Therefore, here is a brief comparison of DirecTV vs dish to help you out.

Dish Network

Dish Network is the fastest growing network in the United States with over 14 million subscribers across the country. Dish offers the cheapest plans, and offers 200 HD channels. Hundreds of On Demand content is also available with Dish Network, and can be accessed even without internet.

The satellite TV giant offers a Hopper DVR, which allows user to access live TV, as well provides many other astonishing features like skipping ads in recorded shows, when combined with a broadband connection. It also allows you to record up to 8 shows simultaneously.

Full HD DVR function available across the house, with options like pause, rewind, and fast forward selected channels and programs. Hopper has a storage capacity of 2 TB which could store up to 2000 hrs of SD quality and 500 hrs worth of HD content.


DirecTV is the oldest satellite TV network in the US, with more than 19 million subscribers at present. It offers exclusive sport packages like NFL SUPER SUNDAY and NASCAR HOTPASS. Back in 2015, AT&T acquired DirecTV, and since then, the satellite TV company has further improved in providing quality content to its users.

AT&T Deals
TV Watching

DirecTV offers the most sports channels in HD and over 170 full time HD channels. It offers you the Genie DVR, which is a state of the art HD DVR with a lot of features. Genie enables you to watch full HD experience wirelessly in up to 8 rooms. It also features recording of up to 5 shows simultaneously. What’s more, Genie enables users to use iPad as remote and control all TVs in the house.

DirecTV is now bundled with AT&T deals, so you can get combined bills for both TV and phone provider. AT&T has also introduced economical plans for TV and internet to attract more customers. These DirecTV packages allow users to stream live TV using AT&T’s internet with unlimited data plan, and all that comes under a convenient bill.

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