Debut Triple Play DirecTV Service To Be Launched On 14th April

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AT&T’s prime intention behind acquiring DirecTV last year was to venture into the business of triple play services. Ever since the acquisition of the satellite provider, the telecom giant has been researching on the market trends and looking for the apt time to introduce its debut triple play day. It appears that the time has finally come for the company. According to reports, AT&T has announced its debut DirecTV triple play promo service. People would be able to subscribe to the new triple play services from 14 April 2016.

One of the interesting sides of the reports is that people who order for triple play services now would get the eligibility for two-year guaranteed pricing. This special offer, however, is offered only for the customers who opt in to bundle their existing AT&T services with new DirecTV subscriptions. By selecting the combo deals, users can save a huge amount of money on a monthly basis. The new deal would certainly add more points to DirecTV in the DirecTV Vs Dish Network comparisons.

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Triple Play Services

As per the DirecTV resources, users who order for new DirecTV packages as part of the new plans would be provided with free installation for up to four TVs. They would also be able to get a slash of a price because the total price tag for the triple play deal comes around just $89.99 per month. The triple play deal would provide the customers with options to choose from any of their favorite DirecTV deals, voice offering and 6 Mbps data service (with a Wi-Fi gateway).

The voice offering seems to be much compelling as well. It offers unlimited calls within the US. In addition to that, you will get wired-to-wired calls to both Mexico and Canada. If you break up the monthly cost against each service being provided, you would know that DirecTV is offered to you for just $50 per month while unlimited high-speed internet is for just $30 per month and $9.99 for the voice offering. AT&T has also promised that those who are ready to make all these services in a single bill would secure eligibility for the much-admired unlimited home internet data plan.

With its quality triple play services, AT&T has begun to dominate the market now. Contact AT&T customer support desk if you have got any questions regarding the bundle deals.

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