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Been getting flaky internet in your home the last week or so? Is it bad enough that you’re no longer able to start important work in the fear of being interrupted and losing important data? If you’re honest, there’s really no time you’d prefer the internet went put. Many people need internet connectivity to be there 24/7 so that they can control the different devices in their home, from air conditioners to alarm clocks.

The first thing you do when connectivity drops, is calling the ISP and see what’s wrong. If you haven’t tried it already, the first thing they’ll have you do is reboot the system, and that works a lot of the times. But if you find yourself having to reboot every day, you may have to call the technician and have them come over. Also, this may not be the result of a modem issue. Something as simple as an IP conflict could be keeping you from connecting to the internet and you may not be able to get the most out of popular Cox Internet Plans.

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Although many providers have switched from IPv4 to IPv6, some routers still don’t update the way they’re supposed to. That means having to reconfigure them. This will get rid of any compatibility problem caused by the switch from IPv6. No one’s keen on the alternative. Each modem device has an IP address which tells the information where it is to travel. The IPv4 is over two decades old and can’t support very many addresses, so it’s forced to reuse many of them. This is what drove the update in protocol to IPv6, which actually happened a few years back.

How to make the Router work

With IPv6 rolling out across the country, most routers already have this and will work fine without you needing to do anything. But there are cases where you will need to do something yourself, and here’s what that is:

Open Internet, then Internet Options. After this, head to the Configure Ipv6 section, and change the Automatic setting to Link-Local Only. The change lets the router work with IPv6, so you get connected once more and then automatically when IPv4 can’t be used later. Many updates are headed your way, so this procedure probably isn’t something you’ll have to keep repeating after resetting the modem for some other reason.

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