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In the past, people did not really bother about the speed of the internet because most providers offered average speed. Moreover, people were patient enough to wait to accomplish their tasks on the internet. However, this is not the case today. There are several services that offer high-speed internet now. And these services are offered at affordable rate as well.

Popular internet service providers such as Cox offer Wi-Fi enabled high-speed internet at an affordable rate. If you are experiencing any speed issues while using your Cox High speed internet, below are some useful tips.

Plug In The Ethernet Cable To The Device For Super Fast Speed

With Cox Wi-Fi, super fast speed is guaranteed. However, if you need a movie to be downloaded in matter of minutes, then it is better to plug in the Ethernet cable to the device. When you do this, a direct connection is established between your device and the internet device, and there are no barriers to disrupt your internet speed.

Disable Wi-Fi On Devices That Are Not Being Used

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A common problem with people these days is that they would keep Wi-Fi on all the time, even when the devices are not in use. For instance, if you have got a smartphone or tablet and you are not using internet on it, turn off the Wi-Fi in it so that you would get maximum internet speed on the other device where you are actually using it.

If you want to download something urgent and if you find that the internet is pretty slow, ensure that no one is using the internet. If someone in your house is sharing your Wi-Fi, ask him or her to stop it for a few minutes so that you can complete your task faster.

Check The Modem

For most of the Cox internet plans, the speed is often determined by the modem you use. If you were using an old modem that is not compatible with the package you are subscribing from Cox, you would not be able to experience the intended speed. Consult a technical support agent from Cox and discuss about upgrading your modem. Normally Cox recommends the use of DOCSIS 3.0 modem.

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