Pac-12 Strikes Deal With Cox, Frontier, And Twitter

Cox Channel Guide
Pac-12 Added to Cox

Cox and Frontier subscribers can now watch Pac-12’s national feed, which includes 35 football games, more than 300 basketball games, numerous Olympics events, and championship events. Pac-12 Network will be added to the “Essential” tier of Cox Communications for subscribers in Los Angeles and Arizona. It will feature national feed along with regional networks. Frontier Communications will be adding national Pac-12 Network to subscribers in Palm Springs and Los Angeles.

Earlier, customers were only able to watch regional Pac-12 Networks featuring local teams. Larry Scott, Pac-12 commissioner, said that he is frustrated and disappointed with the lack of deal between them and DirecTV. Scott said, “We will keep knocking on that door and pushing as hard as we can, but also concentrating on the 75 distributors that we have and new forms of distribution, as well. We’re hopeful that DirecTV eventually picks it up.”

Social Media Initiatives

The conference announced that through Pac-12 Plus, a minimum of 150 games including volleyball, soccer, softball, baseball, ice hockey, and others, would be streamed live on Twitter over the year 2016-17 to its hundreds of users. Lydia Murphy-Stephens, Pac-12 Networks President, said that, “The Pac-12 Networks’ collaboration with Twitter reflects our ongoing commitment to increasing exposure for Pac-12 universities and their live, school-produced events.”

Anthony Noto, chief financial officer for Twitter, responded positively to that and said, “Twitter is the fastest way to find out what is happening in live sports. Our partnership with the Pac­-12 Networks will give sports fans a great way to view live sporting events along with the live Twitter conversation they are already accustomed to.”

Pac-12 will also provide game-day content and behind the scenes pictures related to its 35 football broadcasts on Facebook. To provide easy access to its fans, all the news feeds of the conference will be combined to one platform by conference on YouTube.

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Pac-12 Strikes Deal

Pac-12 Network On Frontier

“We are excited to welcome more Frontier subscribers to Pac-12 Network. Frontier’s commitment to showcasing our live quality sporting events will benefit Pac-12 fans throughout Southern California,” Pac-12 Networks President said in a press release.

In reply to that, Melinda White, Frontier West Region President said that, “[they] are happy to bring Pac-12 Network to our California FiOS TV customers. For sports fans, nothing beats watching your favorite teams in live action. With the addition of the Pac-12 Network to Frontier’s lineup, our customers will be able to enjoy exciting live sporting events and watch their favorite teams and players year-round.”

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