How To Deal With A Slow Internet Connection

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Many things can cause a slow internet connection, and likewise, you can do a lot to troubleshoot your connection at home. Here are a few tips that might come handy in that.

Check Your Plan

Find out which plan you are paying for. Maybe your internet is slow because you are paying for a slower connection. What you can do here is access on your computer and run a speed test. If the numbers are matching then your internet is working fine. The only solution would be to upgrade.

Troubleshoot The Hardware

Give your modem and router a quick reset; switch it off and then turn it back on after 10 seconds. Also, check the status of other computers or laptop in your house and see if they are working fine. If the problem is only with one computer, then it is not the network but your computer causing slow internet issues.

Turn Off Apps And Bandwidth

If your hardware is in order, see if any other programs are hogging the connection. Regular web browsing is going to be slower if you are downloading files with Bit Torrent clients. There are things that eat up your data when you browse a website. For that, try installing AdBlock or FlashBlock. They may not solve all your problems, but it will increase the speed to some extent.

Work Smart

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You may have to prioritize tasks differently if you want your work done on slow connections. You can separate the tasks into bandwidths, like heavier and lighter bandwidth. When you are on slow connection, get your light work done first; you can do the heavier task when you have a faster connection. You can make the best out of a bad situation if you plan things this way.

Call Your Service Provider

If the internet is still slow, even after doing all the troubleshooting that you can possibly do, call your internet service provider. Maybe, the trouble is from their end and they will fix the problem for you.

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