Cox Vs Optimum Online – Which one is better?

In recent months, it seems that there is a cold war going on between Cox’s broadband service and Optimum Online services. Both of them are leading internet service providers in the US and have large customer base. Now both of them are trying to woo more customers and they can do this only by showcasing what merits they have against their competitor. For customers, it is quiet hard to make a decision after being brainwashed by the exciting deals offered by these companies.

Comparing Cox Vs Optimum Online

As you might already know, both Cox and Optimum Online offer triple play services, which means you can depend on them for home phone, broadband services, as well as television. Let us see how both services specialize in each of these services.


Optimum Online is very transparent about their speed rates and majority of users are quite impressed by their level of transparency. Their internet speed ranges between with 3 Mbps/768 kbps to 15 Mbps/2 Mbps. They also offer high-speed internet packages for small businesses.

As long as the speed is concerned, Cox is a step ahead of Optimum Online. They claim to offer up to 55 Mbps download speed. However, they are not quite transparent about the speeds, despite the claims.

Digital Cable Services

Optimum Online offers about 125 HD channels. However, Cox tops it by offering a lineup of 250 channels. Yet again, many of these channels are not HD. In terms of the number of HD channels offered, Optimum Online is better than Cox.

Digital Telephone

These days, home phone services are being replaced by internet calling. But, there are many people who still use it. Both Optimum Online and Cox offer attractive home phone deals, and stay somewhat conscientious in this arena.

Apparently, it is not very easy to choose between either of these services. As long as security and home integration is concerned, Cox services are better off than Optimum Online. However, when it comes to cheap packages and value channel lineups, Optimum Online is a step ahead of Cox.

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