Cox Subscribers Will Have To Start Using A Cable Box Soon

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Cox has just brought out an additional equipment feature for some of its Arizona customers. Subscribers to their TV service, who do not have a cable box, will be required to start using “mini boxes”, and paying for the added equipment. This is a time when the company starts transforming into an all-digital service.

There are customers of Cox who are using the most basic service package, which comes at a fee of $25-per-month, and who do not use receivers. These people will need to set up the new cable boxes. Those that already use the expensive cable packages will along with receivers can connect more TV sets in spare rooms or garages, with cable used only to access limited stations. But this option will not be on the table after conversion to digital has gone through.

Cox has been busy notifying customers in the areas where it provides service, that they’ll lose the signal on sets that are connected directly to cable, without the use of a receiver. Senior marketing manager Jonathan Brooks stated that it’s “good news” most customers already use a digital box in their homes.

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The mini box will come with an eventual charge of $2.99 a month per box, but right now, Cox is providing a free mini box and each year and for some subscribers, even two. The fee may accrue for customers with a regular receiver for main TV, but with multiple non-receiver sets.

The digital changeover will enter its first phase in Southern Arizona, and some channels will go over starting May 3, including, Food Network, Animal Planet, A&E, AMC, FOX, TVLand, History, and TBS. The last stage of channel clumps moving to digital will be on Aug 23, as stated by Cox representative Andrea Katsenes.

Katsenes also commented that the company is doing this “to improve customer service”. Along those lines, the conversion would actually improve picture quality, as well as let customers use an on-screen program guide to boost the number of HD channels they receive, Cox said.

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