Cox Communications Donate 20 Laptops To Wood River Middle School

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Cox Communications recently donated twenty laptops to the Wood River Middle School. This great gesture from the leading Telco was deeply welcomed by the GwenCarol Holmes, who is the Superintendent of Blaine County School District.

“We’re so grateful for the donations. The timing from Cox Communications could not have been better, Holmes said. She also added that several faculties in the school had requested for new computers for the students, and the Lenovo Chromebooks donated by Cox will help the students to do their research and to design presentations.

The effort from Cox to make donations to the school was initiated and lead by Cox sales and marketing manager, Victor Watson. Watson said that he understands the struggle of not having the required number of computers in a classroom, as he had previously taught children suffering from emotional behavior disorders.

He also said that he remembered the students either had to share carts of laptops or they had to wait in order to use library computers. Watson said, “Everybody wanted the cart,” and added that the dilemma was “near and dear to my heart.”

The efforts made by Watson was heavily praised by the Regional Cox spokeswoman, Beth Weiss. She said that this is one of the first times where Cox Communications has donated new laptops to the classrooms, although this is not the first time Cox has stepped in to help school going students.

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The purchase of the laptops was done along with Cox’s national program Connect2Compete. This program was initiated a few years ago and it is organized in order to bring reduced-price internet access to the families, who cannot afford it.

Weiss said that Cox Communications expanded the program a few months ago in order to help more students, who are currently unable to access the internet. The program currently covers the students, who take part in free or reduced-price lunch programs. In addition to that, if someone in the house of these students collects government assistance, then they will also be eligible to receive this offering from Cox.

Weiss also added that Cox is not charging any amount for the internet installation and the equipments. However, students who wish to receive this service will have to pay $9.95 per month. She said that this initiative from Cox aims to bring the “technology gap”, for students who are unable to afford the internet service.

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