Cox Commits $500,000 Gift For Downtown Library Project

Cox Internet Plans
Downtown Library Project

Cox Communications has committed to give a gift of $500,000 to the City of Wichita for the construction of new downtown library. The money from Cox Communications is being put forward for the “Margin of Excellence” campaign of the Wichita Public Library. This campaign is aimed at constructing an Advanced Learning Library. The library is to be built at Second and McLean. The gift from Cox include $250,000 to make a digital pavilion and the next $250,000 is to make Cox Business Internet service available at the facility.

Incorporation of technology is an aim of this library project and the people involved in the creation of the library said that the money from Cox could help them achieve this mission. “The goal of this campaign is to build a 21st century library that provides opportunity for those willing to learn, explore and excel,” says campaign chairman Don Barry. “These gifts will give all library users access to an amazing digital delivery system that will do just that.”

Cox Business Internet Service
Cox Communication

In the library, digital materials and e-books will be readily available to the patrons. Apart from this, 100 workstations will also be provided for use to the visitors. Collaborative spaces and meeting areas will be wired to allow electronic devices to be used here.

The Wichita City Council approved the $33 million project and the construction of the library was given to Dondlinger & Sons Construction Co. The new structure of the library is designed by GLMV. An $8 million campaign was also launched in September to augment the funding that Wichita is investing in the downtown library project. Almost $6 million has been raised till date.

This digital library will be a very useful one to the knowledge-seeking patrons. With Cox Business Internet service, the downtown library will have the potential to offer any information to the user within fraction of seconds.

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