Benefits Of Choosing Cox As Your Internet Provider

Cox Channel Guide
Cox Communications

Cox Communication is a subsidiary of Cox enterprises. With around 2.9 million digital cables and 3.5 million-internet subscribers, Cox communication is the United State’s third largest provider of cable television. Cox offers internet service for 21.8 million customers making it the fourth largest provider in the country.


Cox offers extreme downloading speeds of 150 Mbps, which is a best choice for gamers and video streaming lovers. Households with a lot of devices connected to the internet are benefited by these speeds. Upload speed also tops other providers with up to 20 Mbps. Load time is reduced due to high speeds.

Unlike most networks, Cox gives you the liberty of customization to the full extent. Cox lets you create custom bundles of your choice and needs rather selecting from predefined packages. You could create your own bundle from TV, internet, and phone plans available. These are pretty rarely seen in other providers.

The most important economical aspect of Cox is the lack of activation fee. Many companies request activation fees up to $200. Cox saves these extra charges. Cloud storage is another prime feature of Cox, with a maximum of 150 GB of cloud storage available, which further varies with the plan.

COX Internet Plans

COX Internet Starter is the most basic pack with up to 5 Mbps download speed and 1 Mbps upload speed. Priced at $38.99 /month, it is a basic cloud storage option. Cox Internet Essential features a 15 Mbps download speed and 2 Mbps upload speed along with 5 GB cloud storage. It is priced at $39.99/month for 1 year.

Cox Internet Plans
Cox Offers

Cox Internet Preferred gives s a maximum download speed of 50 Mbps and up to 5 Mbps upload speed. Priced at $54.99/month for 12 month, this package is bundled with 50 GB cloud storage. COX Internet Premier features 100 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload speed along with 100 GB of cloud storage. The package costs around $64.99/month for a year.

Cox Internet Ultimate is the premium package by COX, offering a super fast 200 Mbps download and 20 Mbps upload speed. It comes at around $84.99/ month for 12 months and offers 150 GB of online storage space.

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