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Home automation has undergone a tremendous upgrade with the introduction of Comcast’s Xfinity Home at the CES 2017. It differs from all the systems on display out there, as it offers simplicity for the consumers in upgrading their homes along with an added advantage of extensibility. Xfinity Home is an innovative concept, as it is within the reach of customers under the range of Comcast’s wide cable network.

Connected to the internet means this security system allows controlling motion, as well as the door and window sensors remotely. The facility for adding more automation devices into the same interface is another one of its major advantages.

The Xfinity App makes this remote management of the home a reality with its varied functions and interface. This could be a tremendous boon for consumers who like to control all the equipment in their home while away. In fact, such connectivity among devices could help make the home more secure and always in-control of the owner.

Xfinity Home SVP Dan Herscovici shared his views about the system in a recent television interview. He said, “Our system is a bit different. It is a connected security system. That means that its broadband connected, it is connected over cellular in case your broadband goes down and that connection unlocks a bunch of interactivity that otherwise wouldn’t be available. It creates an emotional connection; it creates visibility that you otherwise wouldn’t have had.”

Simplicity And Reliability

The CES event also bought us new promises in the form of a new partnership announced between Comcast Xfinity and Zen Ecosystems. Accordingly, this has its own advantages of letting the customers integrate the company’s energy saving thermostat into Xfinity Home System.

The company’s usage of real time weather data will aid the Zen thermostat in accurately setting the temperature inside the home. Last month, Comcast Corporation made a remarkable collaboration with two companies that specializes in lighting and other electrical systems. Increase of such partnerships is what makes Xfinity one of the most efficient and reliable home automation systems among customers.

Meanwhile, this could present itself issue concerning the privacy rights of individuals, as articulated in the words of Dan Herscovici. “The most common use case for teens and tweens is seeing when they get home from school,” he said. This remains Xfinity Home System’s most convincing use cases.

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