Comcast® is Expanding Network to New London City in Connecticut

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Comcast® recently announced that it is expanding its existing network to Connecticut’s New London city. The fastest internet provider will bring its internet, cable TV, and wireless services, in addition to voice and home automation solutions, to business and residential customers in the area. In fact, not many broadband providers offer cable services to all kinds of subscribers here, so the network expansion is set to give both Xfinity® and Comcast Business® subscribers more options to access their respective services.

“The New London area offers an attractive opportunity for us to extend our network to an area that borders our existing service areas in Groton and Norwich,” said Comcast’s Senior Vice President for Western New England Region, Michael Parker, in a recent press release announcing their plans. “We are delighted to be responding to consumers and businesses who have long expressed their desire for Xfinity® and Comcast Business® products and services.”

Western New England also includes Connecticut, where Comcast Xfinity® has residential customers who subscribe to their bundled packages or ones that combine two or three services from cable, internet, and voice. Comcast® have Xfinity® outlets, call centers, and technical operations centers, employing over 1300 staff.

Last month, Comcast® said that it would launch an internet service in some of the municipalities in Connecticut. Billed as gigabit internet service, it can deliver 1 Gbps speeds to both business and residential subscribers of Comcast®. Part of the network build-out objective in New London, which the cable giant plans to continue throughout this year, is to extend its services including gigabit internet.

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“We’re excited to welcome Comcast® to the neighborhood, and applaud the significant investment they are making to bring innovative products and services to New Londoners,” said Connecticut State Senator, Paul Formica, referring to a neighborhood in East Lyme. “Comcast® has a history of giving back to the communities it serves and being a creator of jobs and opportunities to support the growing needs of businesses and residents.”

In fact, the State Senator, who also co-chairs the Energy and Technology and Appropriations Committee, is an East Lyme resident. Experts believe that might have helped Comcast® to move ahead with their expansion plans with such ease. Regardless, the initiative by the Telco is sure to benefit everyone in the region.

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