5 Things you Can Get from Xfinity® Deals

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Xfinity® from Comcast® brings some of the best cable deals to users across the country. The internet packages from this service allow downloading all your favorite shows and movies, as well as stream high-quality video content, and much more. You can also get TV and telephone services from Comcast®. Following are some of the main benefits Xfinity® offers.

RealTime Assist

The RealTime Assist feature allows customers to share updates over SMS using the My Account app, or using X1 on their TV screens. The service is committed to providing necessary information at the times the customer needs it. This includes promotional offers, equipment updates, self-install kits, planned outages, and technician appointments. Besides placing queries and complaints, customers even get “how to” videos about installation and issue resolution.

All-in-One Bundle Deals

There are huge hassles involved in signing up separately for cable TV, phone and internet services, so why not get all three in one go? All-in-One packages from Xfinity® comprise both double play and triple play subscriptions, so that users can get the best of what is available in their area. The bill covers all three services, making it easier for the customer to pay.

Discounts on Bundle Deals

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Xfinity’s bundle packages let the consumer save big bucks by not having to subscribe individually. The pricing on these plans is not the sum of these three bills, but a lot less. There are no hidden fees involved either. Reliable and outstanding service should not be steeply priced, and with Xfinity®, it is not. Additionally, customer support for all the services a subscriber signs up for can be gotten at a single helpline.

It is Easier to Decide What you Want

Xfinity® packages, being diverse, aid the customer in deciding exactly what they want. It goes without saying that it is important to figure out what you want from an entertainment package. Moreover, the particulars such as level of speed available, number of channels, any bandwidth caps, number of phone lines, etc should be clearly checked before signing up. In this way, consumers can arrive at a rational and sensible decision.

Xfinity® Collaborates with Netflix

Comcast® has tied in with Netflix to bring in more entertainment options for customers already enjoying the benefits of Xfinity® bundle deals. Around the corner are many initial offerings, which will carry a Netflix subscription along with the internet connection from Xfinity®.

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