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The name change of Time Warner was anticipated for long and now the name change became official. The name is now changed to Spectrum, and it has become Coachella Valley’s largest television provider. Time Warner was acquired by Charter Communications back in May and the brand change will not require customers to make any changes in their current Time Warner Cable TV guide.

Subscribers are offered with the option to remain with their current Time Warner package or sign up for the new triple play packages of cable, internet, and home telephone from Spectrum. “It’s not just a name change,” said Spectrum representative Dennis Johnson. “Current customers, if they’re happy, do not need to switch their packages.”

One new and important change that Spectrum brings to Coachella Valley is the introduction of faster internet speeds for those users who are making changes to their current packages. With Time Warner Cable, the fastest internet speeds were 50 Mbps. Though internet speeds will remain somewhat the same for all the customers who choose to stick on to their current TWC internet plans, Johnson said that there would be a little increase in the speeds.

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Spectrum has also launched some additional high definition channels in the last weeks and now they offer more than 200 high definition channels in their lineup. It is also reported that Spectrum will offer seventy-five Spanish language channels and more than twenty local channels and popular cable channels.

It has been four months since Charter has acquired Time Warner Cable and now they are letting go of the Time Warner Cable brand name. With the switching of the product brand name, Charter has become the dominant cable and internet provider in South California.

The network now has more than three million homes and is sending signals that they intend to be less flexible than the predecessor is. The name change of Time Warner was expected, but we should wait to see if there are any more changes that Charter would like to bring to Time Warner.

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