Charter® Upgrades TV Portfolio for Spectrum® Enterprise Customers

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The cable TV division of Charter Communications® recently announced an upgraded TV portfolio for enterprise customers, offering them a line-up of channels and several platforms that together give a consistent programming experience while supporting the demands of customers in the digital era. All the latest offerings of Spectrum Enterprise® give a reliable entertainment experience with over 200 HDTV channels, which comprise of core bundle packages with sports, international and Latino programming, as well as add-on music and premium channels.

Spectrum Enterprise® is a nationwide operator of fiber technology-based solutions that are scalable. The division of Charter® serves fiber solutions to the communications service providers and biggest business in the US. The portfolio of Spectrum Enterprise® comprises managed and networking solutions namely Ethernet and internet access, Ethernet networks, TV and voice solutions, managed cloud hosting and cloud infrastructure services, and managed application.

The parent company of Spectrum Enterprise® offers the best cable deals to many parts of the US as of now, covering both residential and business subscribers. On the other hand, the revamped portfolio of the division of Charter® now includes the below products or services offered to enterprise customers.

  • Fiber Connect Plus TV: It is perfect for enterprises, universities, restaurants and hospitals that look for TV without having to rely on converter boxes. It is an HDTV programming service that is distributed over fiber network and one that supports channel insertion. The service helps to inform and engage patients in hospitals, guests in hotels, students in universities and employees working in an enterprise watch programming without having to rely on costly head-end equipment on site.
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    Set Back Box TV: This package can help entertain and inform patients and guests in the respective industries with a programming experience that can be synonymous with residential TV service. The customizable streaming service delivers HDTV programming to the customers’ premises through coaxial lines, which is delivered to slim set-back boxes attached behind TV sets. The service of Spectrum Enterprise® can be personalized with branding and channel insertion capabilities. It has an interactive guide to choose TV programs, features for pausing live TV, and a library comprising on-demand contents with an overall length of more than 7000 hours.

  • SpectrumU TV: This service will deliver live programming with regional sports networks and local channels, a library consisting of on-demand contents, as well as an interactive program guide. This video streaming service can be accessed by college and university students on supported devices through wireless or wired networks. It will be launched soon for universities and colleges situated in the nationwide footprint of Spectrum Enterprise®.

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