Charter Is Determined To Differentiate Time Warner Cable From Spectrum

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The chief marketing officer at Charter Communications, Jon Hargis, is determined to change the image of Time Warner Cable. Charter has acquired the rights for Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks back in early May. Charter has already rolled out Spectrum, the joint venture between these three companies.

Hargis is trying harder to convince the customers that Spectrum will represent a “new day” for cable TV. However, this task might seem challenging even for Charter, one of the leading internet/satellite providers in the country, as the dislike for Time Warner Cable is evident among a major portion of customers.

Charter has played the images of bright skies, open fields, and rising sun to signify the birth of their latest service, Spectrum. Charter has also managed to do a voiceover with one of the popular actors in Hollywood, Ethan Hawke.

Hargis also added that Charter is trying hard to differentiate Time Warner Cable from Spectrum by stressing customer service, which will solve the customer problems immediately. He said that the latest service would have reasonable contracts, reasonable rates, and plenty of HD channels even in the basic package.

The company CMO also emphasized about the investment made by charter in employees. Charter Communications has already added 7,000 new jobs in recent years and they are planning to offer another 20,000 jobs in the upcoming years.

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Charter has also arranged a campaign, which was not only designed to introduce Spectrum brand to their existing Time Warner Cable and Spectrum subscribers but also for non-subscribers to take a “new look at what a cable company can be.” Hargis described Charter as an “aggressive acquisition marketer.”

However, Charter Communications is currently targeting satellite TV and Telco subscribers, as well as antenna users and others, who subscribe to online streaming platforms such as Hulu and Netflix. However, subscribers have raised their concerns on whether the charges will be raised due to the acquisition. Hargis responded to this concern by saying that is not the case.

Hargis said, “People don’t know cable companies outside of their areas. We thought we needed to make a change anyway, so with the acquisition of Time Warner Cable and Bright House we went all the way to Spectrum.” The Charter campaign will also include digital, print, radio, and a heavy outdoor marketing presence.

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