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Tom Rutledge, who is the CEO of one of the leading cable TV providers in the country, Charter Communications®, recently talked about future “6G” wireless products and “superior infrastructure” of cable networks in a meeting. He also shed light on how the cable industry has suffered over the years due to poor service.

Rutledge cited varied telecom companies that he had worked with since the year 1972. He noted that when he joined the Charter Communications®, the company was facing the risk of bankruptcy. However, Charter® is currently the second largest cable operator in the country. “We have been building connectivity and capacity for decades and we will be for decades to come,” he said.

Reports from several reliable sourced indicate that the telecom company might be incorporating the use of 802.11ax and other techniques to offer a better wireless service to their customers at their homes. The Charter® CEO added, “We’ll be able to go from eight simultaneous streams of wireless to 64 and manage the quality throughout the home.”

In addition to that, Rutledge also discussed about the potential of combining unlicensed and licensed spectrum to acquire a 10 Gigabit per second broadband internet speeds in home. “I call it 6G inside wireless speed,” he said. “Why 6G? Just because it’s something we have and the phone guys don’t and I want to have it.”

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Rutledge also hinted that they are trying to develop a new pathway with CableLabs for using coherent fiber and two-way DOCSIS, which will help Charter® to enable future data-heavy consumer applications. The company hopes that these new feature will offer a better internet using experience to their subscribers.

When talked about the poor service offered by cable companies, Rutledge called it “an issue that has affected the industry” and said, “Service is a business. Service itself is a product, and it’s also an attribute of how we’re perceived from a regulatory perspective, which has dramatic impacts on the way our business grows and attracts capital.”

Another term he stressed on during the talk was ‘security’. Rutledge said, “It’s a significant issue and it’s not well appreciated by the people who are new to distribution. And everybody with an app, including the programmers that we pay, are in the distribution business now, whether they know it or not.”

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