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According to a recent Bloomberg report, US telecom provider AT&T is planning to wind down their DirecTV satellite TV services, but in a phased manner. After taking over DirecTV, AT&T is driving their new users to the offerings of DirecTV, instead of its U-Verse service.

Even though AT&T is supporting their existing U-Verse IPTV subscribers, it is not clear whether AT&T will support U-Verse in the future. The Bloomberg report indicated that AT&T is planning to discontinue even their satellite services in a time span of three to five years.

AT&T has already given hints that their upcoming DirecTV Now service, which will offer video streaming facilities, that is the video platform of the next generation. Leading TV and telecom providers like Verizon Communications Inc, Dish Network Corporation, and Comcast Corporation have already launched their television streaming services.

In March 2016, AT&T announced their plans to offer a version of DirecTV satellite service via internet. They announced that the service would not need users to have a satellite dish, annual contract, or set top boxes. And that promise has now reached its final stage.

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AT&T will be offering three affordable video plans to attract all type of viewers, be it those who need full packages or those who go for streamlined bundles. With the DirecTV Now offering, AT&T plans to give a full range of live channels and on demand services. Mobile version of DirecTV will offer premium and made for internet video service that are generally aimed at smartphones.

AT&T has also announced that they will close down their U-Verse broadband and voice brands. They said that the existing subscribers of 45 Mbps broadband plan would get the service called as “AT&T Internet” and the tier named AT&T “internet 45”. In the same way, U-Verse voice service will be renamed as “AT&T Phone”. However, users will get voice plans, internet speeds, and prices that are similar to U-Verse.

Reports say that the DirecTV brand will also renamed to “AT&T Entertainment” in the future in order to show the transition of the company to a single entertainment group.

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