WBNS-10 TV and WTHR-TV Restored on DirecTV® and AT&T U-Verse®

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Channels Restored On DirecTV®

WBNS-TV based in Columbus and WTHR-TV in Indianapolis has finally returned to the channel lineup of DirecTV® and AT&T U-Verse®. It is unclear about the retransmission agreement set by the AT&T® and Dispatch Broadcast Group, who owns the two TV stations. However, the month-long stalemate has ended that has resulted in the best cable services to be up and running again for the customers of AT&T U-Verse® and DirecTV®.

The stations announced that “Attention DirecTV® and ‘U-verse®’ subscribers. [This station] is back on your system! After reaching a fair agreement with DirecTV® and AT&T ‘U-verse®,’ all of your favorite programs has returned to your channel line-up.”

The blackout of the two channels began on September 6 during the National Football League season. Because of this, many of the viewers and supporters of the major teams have been denied seeing the games over television.

John Cardenas, President and General Manager at WBNS-10 TV said, “We are happy to be back on AT&T U-Verse® and DirecTV®. We appreciate our viewers’ patience and support during this difficult time and we’re glad they will be able to watch the same quality programming they have come to expect from WBNS-10 TV. We are committed to the community we serve – bringing families in Central Ohio the highest quality of news, information, and entertainment programming.”

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Contract Negotiations With WTHR

AT&T® has also engaged in many similar disputes with several other broadcast stations operating in the country. The recent dispute with the provider and station over the best cable deals is not the first time. Previously, there has a blackout of services because of the contract negotiations between DirecTV® and WTHR.

WBNS GM John Cardenas previously stated during the onset of the blackout that, “We have even offered extensions in some circumstances and did so with AT&T®/DirecTV® in hopes that we would come to a fair resolution. However, it does not appear they were or are interested in expediting the negotiation for a fair resolution, hence why we are of their system.”

Yet now, the end of disputes brings good news for the subscribers. The Dispatch Printing Company owns the WBNS-10 TV. It also owns and operates many other notable channels such as the WTHR-TV, Ohio News Network Radio, 1460 ESPN Radio, and 97.1 The Fan.

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