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AT&T recently launched their ultra fast internet service in parts of Cutler Bay, and now they have announced that the service will also be offered to homes in the St. Louis area. The Gigabit service from AT&T is ten to twenty times faster than the usual broadband speed available in St. Louis homes at present. As per the reports, it will take only 4 seconds to download a TV show with the Gigabit internet from AT&T.

AT&T said that the service would be immediately available to businesses and homeowners in St. Charles, St. Louis, and University City. They also said that the Gigabit network would be expanded to more areas by the end of the year, as to avail this service, fiber cable would have to be extended to homes, replacing the old phone cable that carries the broadband service of AT&T.

High-speed Gigabit internet has been available to businesses and some apartments in the area, but AT&T is the first provider to offer the service to homes in St. Louis. The Gigabit service will cost ninety dollars a month for the users who sign up for the “GigaPower Premier” plan. As per the plan, AT&T can use the search and browsing details of the user to choose the advertisements shown. If you are not okay with this permission, you will need to pay 129 dollars a month, which includes taxes and other fees.

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Experts say that a pack of Gigabit service, pay TV, and phone service from AT&T may cost 140 dollars a month. It is true that paying more for privacy has drawn criticism in other parts of the nation, where the plan was earlier introduced by AT&T. This practice is also used by Comcast and has drawn attention of FCC. “I would hope that privacy doesn’t become a luxury item,” FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler said in a press release last week.

The FCC is now creating set of privacy regulations for ISPs, and as Comcast has asked them not to restrict the ability of the service provider to fiddle with discount-for-data business model.

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