The Dispute between Capitol Broadcasting Company and AT&T® Continues

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Capitol Broadcasting Company Dispute

The dispute between Capitol Broadcasting Company and AT&T®, which resulted in the blackout of WRAZ Fox 50 and WRAL from AT&T® U-Verse, has not yet been resolved. As a result, customers who were subscribed to the U-Verse TV service of AT&T® lost access to these couple of channels more than three weeks ago.

Some AT&T® customers took the issue to social media platforms and showed their frustration while others decided to demand discounts from the leading telecom company. Reports from several reliable sources indicate that a few customers of AT&T® U-Verse did get credits for the missing channels but not all of them.

Customers who were affected by the blackout of these channels claimed that AT&T® seemed a bit reluctant to issue credits to them a week or two after the dispute between Capitol Broadcasting Company. Several customers reported that the telecom giant only offered small credits of approximately $10 to the distressed customers.

They also added that they had to threaten the company by claiming that they would cancel the service or switch to another provider if they don’t get any discounts for the blackout. However, a few customers stated that AT&T® told them that they would not get any sort of discounts.

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Blackout Of Channels

As per the statements from AT&T®, which is also one of the leading internet providers in the US, they are currently charging $5.60 a month from their customers to give them access to the contents of local Fox, ABC, CBS, and NBC affiliates. In order to do this, AT&T® is required to pay “carriage fees” to each one of these local affiliates.

The officials from the telecom company claim that the parent company of the removed channels is demanding them more carriage fees, which is the reason behind the dispute. One of the representatives of AT&T® recently informed a customer that they would not be paying any discounts to them even if their competitors were offering exciting deals to draw in more customers to their service.

One of the distressed AT&T® customers said, “Normally they have great customer service. But it sounded like she was reading from a sheet.” AT&T® is yet to make any official public statement on the matter, but insiders report that the Telco is looking forward to end the dispute with Capitol Broadcasting Company soon.

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