HBO Head Pleased With AT&T-Time Warner Merger

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The recent announcement from Time Warner, which indicated that they are ready to enter into a partnership with AT&T for an estimated $85 billion, has startled the media world. Time Warner owns the rights for several major networks including HBO, CW, and Cartoon Network, and AT&T would surely dominate the entertainment industry if the merger became successful.

The head of HBO, Richard Plepler, seems quite content about the deal. He recently got a chance to meet and spend some time with his potential new boss, AT&T chief executive Randall Stephenson. In an interview, Plepler said that he was happy with the deal because he believes that HBO will be able to run things as usual after the merger.

“Randall made very clear to everybody that what they are buying they look at with enormous respect and admiration, and the last thing they have any interest in doing is messing with a winning game,” Plepler said.

HBO offers a wide variety of entertaining programs to their subscribers and it includes fan favorite popular shows such as “Westworld” and “Game of Thrones.” These shows are an absolute treat for the viewers who have a high broadmindedness for graphic violence and amoral protagonists. In addition to that, HBO is also home to the entertaining show, “Last Week Tonight”, which is hosted by the British comedian John Oliver.

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HBO network is also a big time spender and they usually throw dinners and parties at luxurious places like Hotel du Cap in Cannes and the Museum of Modern Art in New York City with famous actors, writers, directors, and other celebrities from all around the country. Reports indicate that AT&T will have an approximate liability of $175 billion or more, if the merger between the company and Time Warner is completed.

The head of Arlen Communications, Gary Arlen said, “One is a connectivity sales company and another is an entertainment provider. AT&T has a history as being a public utility. It’s bland and very vanilla. HBO is showbiz all the way.” Arlen Communications examines telecommunication and media companies.

Plepler, however, added that the assimilation will take a bit more time and said, “Obviously when you get to know people, there’s a learning curve on both sides.” Speaking on the success of HBO and other Time Warner networks, he said, “You have to have a Chinese wall between the creative process and everything else.”

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