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iPhone 7 has neared its release and many iPhone enthusiasts are looking for the best deals to get hold of the latest smartphone. The phone is rumored to be priced at 790 dollars and many of the major US carriers are offering lucrative deals for the phone. AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile are the prime competitors, fighting hard to win customers with the release of the new Apple device.


With the launch of Apple iPhone 6s, AT&T offered their customers standard two-year contract for an iPhone 6s at a subsidized price. AT&T also offered installment plans with upgrades after twelve, eighteen, or twenty-four payments. The installments depend on the plan that the customer use, and right now, Apple iPhone 6s is offered at 21.67 dollars at a month. A similar AT&T deal is expected for the new iPhone 7 device as well, however, the company has not yet revealed the detailed plans for the same.

Verizon Wireless

Verizon is another carrier that offers iPhone 6s Plus and the mobile is offered for 20.83 dollars per month. Experts expect that Verizon will be offering a similar plan with iPhone 7 as the carrier has done in previous releases of Apple gadgets.

IPhone 6s


T-Mobile is offering iPhone 6 at low prices and this is a clear indication that they are getting ready for the sales of iPhone 7 as well. An ongoing deal from T-Mobile offers iPhone 6s for 100 dollars when the user trades their iPhone 6 device. T-Mobile has not yet announced their iPhone 7 deals, but when the sale of iPhone 6 went on last year, T-Mobile allowed their users to pre order the phone at twenty dollars a month for eighteen months.


Sprint is a service provider that allows their customers who pay a monthly fee to avail an upgrade. Their “iPhone for Life” program leases iPhone devices to customers for twenty months period, for twenty-two dollars a month.

Another choice for the users is to go straight to the source. Under iPhone Upgrade Program from Apple Inc., customers can buy a new iPhone each year by paying 32.41 dollars a month. Moreover, devices supplied under the program are covered under the AppleCare Plus protection plan, which covers up to two accidental damage cases.

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