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AT&T internet users will now have unlimited data for $30 a month. The changes will take effect from May 23 and customers who use direct TV pay television or U- verse home television service will have unlimited services for free.

As per the changes, customers who were using 250 GB of internet per month can now use 300 GB before they pay surcharges. Customer can watch up to 100 hours of HD videos and have faster connections with 1 TB data per month as well.

AT&T, the company that bought DirecTV in 2015 for $49 billion, is planning to offer the satellite television services through the internet as well, disposing the need for a satellite dish to access the service. The company has become the largest pay TV provider over the years and has given a few details about its “over the top” plan. But if limits are put on the customer’s broadband usage it would be harder for people to use AT&T’s over the top video service.

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Putting caps on broadband service is becoming more and more common nowadays. Comcast for example has been testing caps as trials for years and is also applying it to more areas. Also, Comcast customers pay $ 10 for 50 GB just as AT&T customers do. Even smaller companies have placed caps on broadband services.

Besides that, AT&T announced that customers who use their U-Verse home internet would get an increase in their monthly data allowance automatically without paying anything extra and the monthly data allowance will vary from 300 GB to 1 TB, depending on the customer’s internet speed tier. According to AT&T, their customers on an average use only over 100 GB of data every month.

In addition, AT&T offers loads of tools at their website to help manage their customer’s data usage, and a data calculator to estimate how much they can use in the current cycle. Each month, AT&T informs their customers when their data usage exceeds the limit and don’t charge anything out of the blue.

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