Charter Vs AT&T, Charter Spectrum Services

According to the latest survey, Charter is the fourth largest telecom company in America, and provides services to more than 5.9 million customers across 29 states. Although it lags behind Comcast, Cox, and Time Warner Cable in terms of customer base, Charter has more coverage. Reports also say it is slowly catching on the front-runners in terms of the number of subscriptions.

Charter offers attractive services, and on the count of reliability and customer support, it outshines most competitors. Here is a look at how the services stack up against those of AT&T, another big provider of triple play packages in the country.

Charter Spectrum Services

Basically, Charter offers three different packages: Triple Play Select, Triple Play Silver, and Triple Play Gold. The Triple Play Select package offers unlimited nationwide calling, fast internet speeds, and more than 125 TV channels with Free DVR service, all under a subscription cost of $29.99/mo. when bought as a bundle deal for 12 months.

Triple Play Silver package offers you more than 175 channels along with a free DVR connection. Other notable perks in this package include unlimited nationwide calling and fast internet. Higher up, Triple Play Gold package gives you 200+ channels, a free DVR service, nationwide calling, as well as free internet.

AT&T Combo Deals

Charter Spectrum services face up pretty well against AT&T’s combo deals. Being the biggest telecom giant in the country, the latter has its own attractive deals and packages to entice customers, making your Charter Vs AT&T choice a hard one.

The U-Verse’s High Speed Internet by AT&T is offered in three different deals. The basic deal goes at $29.99/mo., offering high-speed internet, nationwide AT&T Wi-Fi hotspot access, and a $50 reward card. The package on the next tier costs $39.99/mo., and bundles the DirecTV Select package subscription with a U-Verse high-speed internet.

The highest plan offered by AT&T costs $54.99/month. Key features include DirecTV Choice package subscription and high-speed U-verse internet (up to 24Mbps download speed).

From this, you know that neither provider sells a shabby triple play package. Consider your own needs first, and then compare the services based on the details mentioned here. The features and the pricing may help you reach a decision faster.

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