AT&T’s “It Can Wait” Campaign Launches Their New Ad

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“It Can Wait” Campaign

AT&T and BBDO have launched their new ad as a part of their “It Can Wait” ad series campaign. The latest ad is titled as “The Unseen” and it moves in a supernatural direction; the storytelling is also a lot more different from the earlier ads.

An earlier ad by AT&T, titled “Close to Home”, showed us the dangers that might happen when we use our smartphone while driving. “Close to Home” set the bars very high and we were waiting for another compelling and powerful ad from the “It Can Wait” crew. And they have done an exceptional job with the latest “The Unseen” advertisement.

The thirty-second version of “The Unseen” is filled with mystery and it almost feels like a ghost story. The shorter version will make you feel like that a spectre luring people into accidents on a mysterious road. However, the longer version has a lot more in common with “Close to Home”. Anonymous Content’s Frederic Planchon is the director of both the ads and he has done an incredible job with each of the pieces.

The plot of “The Unseen” revolves around a good and conscientious dad, who has just dropped his kids at the pool and he his heading for a grim adventure. He receives a phone call from his wife, while he is driving through a mysterious road. She informs him that their dog is missing and she seems really worried about the situation. The ad also shows a man, who is walking outside for his mail.

DirecTV Vs Dish
AT&T’s Latest Ad Campain

The father receives an alert in his phone at the exact movement yet he disregards it and keeps on driving. However, he is later distracted by the appearance of a spectre, which eventually leads to the collapse of his guard and resulting in a tragic accident.

BBDO executive creative director Matt McDonald said, “There were a few different ways we could play it. Ultimately, we wanted to make it not seem like the Sixth Sense. Ostensibly, the kid could have jumped in the car at the pool, one of those crazy things that can happen. We had another version that played it a little more supernatural, but that took away from the ending.”

The data and records from the company reveal that the campaign was successful in changing the behavior of almost one-third individuals, who have followed the “It Can Wait” campaign. Furthermore, over 10 million individuals have taken the “It Can Wait” pledge and they promised not to look at their phone while driving.

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