AT&T Wireless Plans Available To Mexican Subscribers At A Much Lower Price

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Wireless subscribers of AT&T in the United States might not be happy about the company’s latest offerings in Mexico. AT&T wireless subscribers in Mexico receive 6-gigabyte data, text, and voice plan with full coverage in the US at an approximately 69 percent less rate when compared to AT&T’s US wireless subscribers.

Even so, one of the main factors to note here is that each market has different economic conditions, plan configurations, and regulations. These factors make comparing prices across different markets or across borders more complex. However, reports from several resources suggest that AT&T offered their services at a lower price due to competitive conditions in the region, and they are planning to draw in more customers to their internet and cable services through such deals.

The $25 plan offered by AT&T includes unlimited domestic texts and, calls as well as free roaming in Canada and USA. The same package is available to the US wireless subscribers of AT&T at a much higher rate of $80. Moreover, this AT&T plan offers coverage only in USA.

AT&T has also offered an opportunity for their US wireless subscribers to sign up for family plans, which will allow them to share data with their family members as well. AT&T is offering 6 gigabytes of data to couples at a rate of $100 whereas a single person will only have to pay $50 in order to sign up for this plan. However, this amount is still considerable greater when compared to AT&T’s offerings in Mexico.

Cheap Plans for Mexican Subscribers

In addition to that, wireless subscribers in Mexico receive a total of 12 gigabytes for the same rate, which is mentioned above. AT&T wireless subscribers in the US might be disappointed with the company’s offerings in Mexico.

The considerable difference in the price is evidently visible and this will undoubtedly create envy among the US wireless subscribers. While, wireless subscribers here pay $110 for the 16-gigabyte plan, the Mexico subscribers will only have to pay $72 for the 16.5-gigabyte plan.

In a phone interview, Corporate GBM SAB analyst Carlos de Legarreta said, “AT&T is trying to gain market share, so it can justify having lower prices here since it’s trying to win new clients.” However, AT&T refused to share details on their operating profit margin for their Mexico wireless service and added, “Our cost structure and the regulatory environments of individual countries can also have an effect on pricing.”

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