AT&T® to Open Stores in Thousand New Locations by Early 2020

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The fastest internet provider AT&T® is planning to expand its present retail footprint by opening stores in 1000 new areas in the coming eighteen months. They include pop-up, mobile and traditional stores.

The pop-up shops of the Dallas-based telecommunications company will be situated in apartment buildings and other areas in densely populated urban environments, where pop-ups retail store format is designed to reach out to more and more customers. The company can open pop-up stores inside 60 days of a lease and plans to open 100 such stores this year.

The carrier also plans to open 150 mobile stores by the end of this year. They are the kind of “wheeled stores” which can be moved from place to place on the road. Such conceptual stores are seen at the AT&T® sponsored events, or when the Telco launches its fiber service in neighborhoods, but they are more valuable in disaster-hit areas where people require immediate help.

The AT&T® stores on wheels coincide with its partnership with First Network Authority, a federal body that establishes, operates and maintains an interoperable broadband network for public safety. As the company invests in building “FirstNet” network to serve US’s first responders, it is going to launch new stores in smaller towns and cities to better serve those who live there.

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AT&T® spokesperson Tyler Jacobson said that as part of the store expansion strategy, the company consulted with retail industry players, comprising banks and glass retailer Warby Parker. The strategy of the Telco was based on the analysis of its subscriber traffic patterns, both online and at physical stores. Particularly, pop-up stores will allow the best internet provider to test traffic, according to reliable sources. In case a pop-up store is not generating sufficient activity, it can be moved out to a different location. On the contrary, if it generates significant customer interest, the carrier has the option to keep it open for a longer timeframe.

The Dallas-based Telco is expanding its technology offerings in its shops, experimenting with kiosks and a café-style conceptual store soon to be opened in Seattle. In that Seattle store, people can carry out different kinds of tasks with their phones such as opening a café provided application to access DIRECTV® programming, and more such pilot trials. It is tipped to be a store that will have wireless internet connectivity.

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