AT&T® To Move Forward In Deploying Its Gfast Technology

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Gfast Broadband Technology

AT&T® is moving forward with its plan to deploy its Gfast broadband technology across the country. The Telco, which offers fastest internet service and best cable deals in the country, recently stated that Gfast would enable it to provide high-speed broadband internet in multi-dwelling units (MDUs).

According to AT&T® officials, the technology used in Gfast will allow them to dismiss the complicated installation process used in Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) networks. Instead, they can leverage the existing copper and coaxial cables to provide high-speed broadband internet solution than FTTP.

AT&T® has stated that this technology will immensely benefit in extending internet connectivity into all the regions of the country. The Telco states that approximately eighty percent of the buildings in the country lack a fiber connection but have the provision of copper and coaxial cables.

Eric Small, VP of Commercial and MDU Solutions at AT&T® said, “Because we’re using the home-run twisted pair or coax wiring in the building, we don’t need new wires and we don’t need access to the individual units.”

Small further stressed upon the difficulties faced in the installation of fiber in condominiums. “We’re deploying the electronics in the telecom closet and connecting to the existing home run wiring,” he said. “Getting access to individual units in a condominium environment can be problematic. Unlike an apartment where a landlord has a master key to all the units, in a condo, the individuals own the units and it takes more coordination.”

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AT&T® has made numerous plans for the wide-scale deployment of the Gfast technology across the United States. Previously, the Telco announced its proposals in deploying Gfast in the MDUs located outside its 22 state territory. They intend to commence the initial trials in Minneapolis and then move on to eight other cities having sufficient coaxial and copper cable technology.

Eric Small stated that Gfast will be deployed into these select markets citing the existence of metro area fiber in the areas. He said, “In each of these markets, we have extensive fiber assets that we deployed for enterprise customers and cell site backhaul. We have an extensive fiber footprint and have our AT&T® IP backbone presence in those markets, meaning we can connect directly to our backbone.”

AT&T® has to overcome many hurdles in its plans for wide-scale deployment of Gfast. However, the Telco expects to successfully deploy this service soon, as most of the buildings are connected using coaxial and copper cables.

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