AT&T To Launch Gigabyte Internet Service In Lawrence On Test Basis

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AT&T officials have announced that it would start offering gigabit Internet service to select Lawrence neighborhoods. According to sources, the services will be offered to those who are located in the south Iowa. Apparently, this is good news for those who are looking for faster Internet speeds in and around the Lawrence region. As AT&T has slowly started to offer the much-coveted gigabit Internet service, the people in there should definitely be the luckiest ones.

The news about the launch of the gigabit internet service was released by an AT&T official in a recent press interview. He said that the company has been offering the internet services in a couple of neighborhoods on the western side of the town. Interestingly, AT&T has not released any official details about the launch of the service. However, people in Lawrence can find details about the service by visiting AT&T website.

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You can check if your specific location falls under the coverage of the AT&T gigabit package on the company website by entering your ZIP code. In case you do not find relevant information there, you can get in touch with AT&T customer support desk and ask for further assistance.

According to some reports, only few places in Lawrence are currently provided with the service. In the opinion of AT&T spokesperson Chris Lester, the gigabit launch in the Lawrence area is a pilot project, hence the limit. However, the service will be extended in the upcoming months. The intention of the launch is to test the service and collect customer feedback.

The commercial launch of the service will take place a few months later on. However, the service will undergo lot of changes once it is offered on commercial basis. The feedbacks being collected from the users across the Lawrence area will be used to improve or tweak the gigabyte internet service of AT&T.

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