AT&T® to Carry Out Major Upgrades to DirecTV Now® in 2018

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DirecTV Now® Major Upgrades

AT&T® officials have stated that its streaming service DirecTV Now® will be integrated with new features, targeted ads, and pay-per view options next year. The Telco, which is also one of the fastest internet provider in the US, has announced the growth of its streaming, DirecTV Now® in the third quarter. Within its introduction, DirecTV Now® has attained 300,000 customers and it increased to 800,000 subscribers in the first eleven months. DirecTV Now® also has many new subscribers that are beneficial for AT&T®, as it will enable them to extend into other areas like wireless or broadband.

Most of these new subscribers in DirecTV Now® are from the rival TV services of AT&T®. Moreover, it should also be noted that the rise in cord cutting has also prompted subscribers from AT&T’s own best cable service to switch to DirecTV Now®. This has led to a significant increase in the revenue earned by the Telco with the third quarter fetching about $39 million. It also reflects the diminishing popularity of AT&T’s traditional cable TV services such as U-Verse® and DirecTV®.

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Advertising And Analytics Business

These two services have together lost an equivalent of 385,000 customers within a three-month period. This sharp decline in subscribers shows the increasing competition from other rival providers and online streaming services such as Netflix. However, this has resulted in an increase in the subscriber base of DirecTV Now®. The monthly subscription rates have also decreased and its numerous promotional deals further continue to attract more customers.

With its new improvements in DirecTV Now® scheduled for 2018, AT&T® is looking forward to make large profits. The improvements will lead to the addition of certain new features like Cloud DVR along with pay-per view for both music and movies. Besides, customers will also be provided with targeted ads that will help it to significantly drive its revenues. To improve its services, AT&T® has recently hired Brian Lesser to rebuild and guide its advertising and analytics business.

AT&T® reported the earnings ahead of the approval of Time Warner® acquisition that both investors and executives look forward. Valued at $108.7 billion, AT&T® is expecting that the deal be closed by this year-end. The deadline for the merger between AT&T® and Time Warner® is currently awaiting the approval of the U.S. Department of Justice. The new improvements sought over for the next will help AT&T® rebuild its streaming service and gather more subscribers.

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