AT&T® Subscribers Get A Chance To Partake In Billaway Survey

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Billaway recently collaborated with AT&T® and gave the Telco’s wireless subscribers a chance to get free 4G mobile data by participating in the surveys that featured in the Billaway app. AT&T’s existing subscribers got the chance to get free 4G mobile data by taking part in the surveys.

As for the offers, the range of survey topics that featured in the Billaway app included sports, politics, health, transport, housing, technology, and so on. Under the promo, when AT&T® subscribers completed “several surveys” on the topic of their interests, they earned 500 MB of free 4G mobile data.

Commenting on the free 4G mobile data offer to the press Billaway’s CEO Paul M. Harkins said, “Imagine if a consumer could answer a few questions and receive free 4G mobile data. That is exactly what we are doing for the first time in the U.S.”

He further added, “We are experts at enabling consumers to reduce their monthly mobile costs without having to spend money, so deploying Billaway direct to AT&T consumers is a natural extension of our platform. We are excited to be working with AT&T to complement their existing offerings.”

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With the 500 MB of free 4G mobile data, a wireless provider will let you use social media handle for 28 hours approximate or stream around 11 hours of music on the 4G network. With speedy browsing, the data consumption would be quicker on the Telco’s 4G LTE network. As per a recent newsletter from Fortune Technology®, “wireless subscribers used almost 10 trillion megabytes of data last year, more than double what they consumed in 2014.”

The data consumption has reached high points in the wireless segment, and with that in mind, Billaway the offer to millions of AT&T® wireless subscribers recently. AT&T® is a nationwide fastest internet provider in the US.

Billaway, on the other hand, is “a cloud-based marketing technology platform” who assists the brands to connect with their respective subscribers via the featured surveys on the Billaway app. The free Android app was designed to encourage the Telco’s existing wireless subscribers and is still up for download from Google Play Store.

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