AT&T Slashed Internet Prices

AT&T Internet Plans
AT&T Slashed Prices

AT&T’s latest entry-level smartphone data plan, which offered a 300 MB at a monthly price of $20 to new customers, won’t be available from this week onward. In addition to that, the 2 GB plan priced at $30 will also be reduced to 1 GB, but priced at the same rate. Moreover, a new plan priced at $40 offering 3 GB and $ 60 offering 6 GB will be introduced as a replacement for the $50 plan featuring 5 GB.

For customers who choose low cost data plans, AT&T is going to change its access charge for phones to a monthly price of $20 per device. The device and data access charges should be added together in order to get the monthly cost before miscellaneous fees. At present, AT&T is imposing monthly access charge for plans below 5 GB at a price of $25, and at $15 for bigger plans. However, the upcoming plans could offer $20 per month, regardless of the size of the data; yet some exceptions are included such as 2-year contracts will have a monthly charge of $40 as access charge.

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The new changes are a part of the revamp of AT&T’s Mobile Share Value Plans. Few of the proposed plans offer better value for money; you will get 16 GB at a cost of $90, which is better compared to the currently offered 15 GB at $100. From there onwards, the dollar per GB values gets better. The currently offered 25 GB at $175 and 30 GB at $225 packages will be offered at a reduced price of $110 and $135 respectively. The plans also feature unlimited talk and text and roll over data.

The automatic overage charges are eliminated for new plans. In case the data cap is exceeded, instead of being charged, extra speeds will be reduced to 128 kbps for the rest of the month. For those customers who need higher speeds, they would have to opt for expensive plans that offer much higher speeds. The price changes are distributed by the day, and customers planning to switch back could opt for lower cost plans from the next month.

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